Data is an asset that needs much better representation at the C-level. The head of HR makes sure People get full representation, and Data is no less important.

Responsibility for data is integral to, and spread across, the jobs held by Chief Officers for Accounting, Audit, Compliance, Data, Digital, Financial, Governance, Information, Information Security, Knowledge, Legal, Marketing, Privacy, Risk, Strategy and Technology, not to mention those who may report to these people. Any one of these jobs is complicated and demanding, and their interests in Data can conflict with one another's. When organizations establish a comprehensive understanding of their Data assets, they can do a much better job protecting and creating value from them.

Virtually every company today seeks to become more data-driven in their decision making process. That desired outcome is best achieved by appointing someone, reporting to the CEO, who represents Data across the organization. Most CEOs think of Data as simply an IT issue, and that perspective is incredibly shortsighted. Learn more about one of the biggest organizational transformation opportunities today in an article I wrote for CFO magazine: Why Data Needs a Seat at the Corporate Table.