More of your data resides in the cloud and with terrestrial vendors than you even realize.

Corporate life is especially perilous outside the data center firewall.  The cloud exposes companies to substantially greater risks of malware intrusion, malicious leakage of data, theft of user credentials, and account hijacking, among others.  Traditional security software, and even next generation firewalls, cannot provide the kind of protection you need in an environment laden with both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud-based services.  Mobile devices represent an exceptionally porous membrane that must be monitored programmatically as they amplify the cloud-based threats.  Let us show you how to get the visibility and the control you need to overcome cloud-induced vulnerabilities.

Cloud-based services introduce subtle risks as well.  Has someone in your company ensured that you retain control of your data once it resides on a cloud host?  What happens when third parties, including government agencies, subpoena your cloud service provider, demanding access to your data?  When an employee accesses an app without seeking any approval, which is typical shadow IT behavior, the terms and conditions of that relationship may get no consideration at all.  We can show you how to best encrypt data at rest, in use, and in transit, while keeping control of the keys and your data's security.

Of course terrestrial vendors represent risk too. More than half of all reported breaches are attributable to weak third parties, so companies need to get organized. See our Vendor Risk tab to learn more.