If you don't have visibility over the data coursing through and beyond your organization, how can you protect it? Every organization today is struggling to secure their data, and the number and severity of breaches is growing. We can assess your overall posture, help you strengthen your defenses, remediate situations, and prepare you to respond when appropriate. We have a special focus on two large, growing and remarkably under-addressed attack surfaces created by unmonitored:

  • employee use of cloud-based services (see CLOUD SECURITY), and
  • third party vendors with network access (see CYBER HYGIENE).

We enable your organization to approach cybersecurity as an enterprise risk management issue, not just an IT issue. We also can put into context the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, and provide you with thought leadership on cybersecurity from the standpoint of the accounting profession, the SEC, FTC and other regulatory entities. Unlike other cybersecurity advisors, we go well beyond technical assessments to give you a comprehensive perspective of the issues and can help your teams before, during and after an incident.