The first chapter of the cloud has been exciting. Three developers with a dream, armed with fanatical support from Rackspace, could change the world. Amazon's AWS, Microsoft's Azure, Google's Cloud Platform and other hosts are convincing large enterprises to use the cloud, some of which are going all-in, and shutting down their data centers. We’re talking serious transformation now.

Source Callé and its partners are helping to promote the second chapter of the cloud. We help companies benefit from all the innovation and agility the cloud offers, while enabling them to operate safely and in a compliant and efficient manner. We do this by applying a protective overlay, without compromising IT system performance, so companies can discover, analyze, control and optimize all of their cloud-based activity.

For many companies, Office 365 represents the first major, sanctioned use of a cloud-based application. We can provide you with the overlay you need to operate in the cloud. If your company uses Office 365,, Box, ServiceNow, NetSuite, Workday, or any other sanctioned SaaS application, we can make sure that your employees use them responsibly and give you the critical visibility and control over that activity.