Shadow IT is an organizational behavior characterized by an employee’s procurement and use of technology without explicit permission from an authority such as corporate IT or Procurement.  Shadow IT is associated with innovation, speed and agility within a line of business, but it also creates security and compliance issues that must be managed, such as the adoption of malware, malicious leakage of company data, theft of user credentials, and breaches of regulatory compliance.  In addition, shadow IT creates the potential for sub-optimal procurement and management of cloud-based services. Your CIO needs to be able to embrace the innovation and agility of cloud-based services without becoming the CI - 'No,' who simply blocks undesirable URLs.

We give companies essential visibility and control over the use of SaaS app and other cloud-based services. Gartner reports that 38% of enterprise IT expenditure is already happening outside the corporate IT budget, and they expect that number will reach 50% by 2017. Let us shine a spotlight on your shadow IT activity, then optimize what we find.