Cloud Security creates outcomes that address pain points across the company. Here is what you can expect executives to say:

CFO: “I can sign my Sarbanes-Oxley certificate with greater confidence now that I have stronger technology controls.”

CIO: “I had no idea that employees were using so many SaaS apps. Now I can steer people to preferred applications and enforce my DLP policies in the cloud.”

Enterprise Risk Management: “It’s too expensive if not infeasible to insure all of my cybersecurity risks. Cloud security is the ounce of prevention that I prefer over the pound of insurance cure.”

IT Security: “Firewalls, anti-virus software and mobile device management create a necessary protective dome, but SaaS demands that data penetrate the dome all the time, and now we can address that.”

Procurement: “Now I have a way to aggregate dispersed SaaS usage and lower the cost per user.”

Legal: “Employees accept terms and conditions without even reading them and now I can get my arms around that.”

Compliance: “There is no way to safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) unless you are following all the SaaS apps transporting that data.”

Business Intelligence: “I can assemble more effective Big Data plays now that I actually have visibility on all my data.”

Controller: “I can describe a meaningful step we’re taking to address cybersecurity in my public filings and SEC comment letters.”

IT Asset Management: “Now I manage SaaS apps, not just licensed software, and I manage cloud hosts, not just physical hardware.”

Internal Audit: “Now I have a clear roadmap to assess the controls around a large and growing portion of our data assets.”