Achieving Cloud Security requires leading technology and our proprietary techniques that let companies discover, analyze, control and optimize their use of cloud-based services. We genuinely believe that Cloud Security is must-have, not nice-to-have today, and not only for highly regulated and consumer-facing industries like financial services and healthcare, but for manufacturing industries as well. 

Talk about IT security and the discussion is likely to be centered on the adequacy of firewalls and the effectiveness of anti-virus software. Today’s security needs must respect the very different threat profile that a cloud and mobile-first environment presents. It’s important to harden the perimeter, but cloud-based services demand that data venture outside that sanctuary where it often is unprotected. At the same time, companies must understand how employees use data in conjunction with cloud-based services, especially given the growing use of employee-owned mobile devices for business purposes.

Let us show you how many cloud-based services are in use within your company. You will be amazed by what is discovered. Armed with new-found visibility, you can quickly assess and appreciate the riskiness of every one of the hundreds of cloud-based services that could be in use within your environment. You develop and enforce policies to govern how your employees operate within the new style of IT. You ensure that the company operates in a safe, secure and compliant manner, especially as the use of software-as-a-service applications (SaaS apps) and cloud hosts take data into the unprotected world beyond a company’s firewall. We also find lots of ways to optimize the way companies use and engage these services so you operate more efficiently and save money.

The best way to start is with a free, no obligation discovery of the SaaS apps used in your environment. Virtually every company that takes that step is completely surprised to learn that the use of apps is far greater than they ever imagined, as is the associated exposure to risk that such activity represents.