Your network's security is only as good as its weakest link. We consider third party vendors with access to your network to be a large, growing and remarkably under-addressed attack surface. Many people are aware that retailer Target's network was breached. Some know that the hackers gained access to Target's point of sale devices to see customer credit card numbers through an insecure vendor that had access to their network.  Had Target monitored the cyber hygiene of their vendor community, this incident could have been avoided.

To the extent most organizations assess their vendors, the focus tends to be on financial viability. If they are assessing cyber vulnerability, they might ask the vendor to fill out a questionnaire or even participate in a penetration test of their systems, which is onerous, expensive and time consuming. In either case, the results measure cyber hygiene at a moment in time, meaning the conditions could be completely different a day later.

We have partnered with the leading technology firms that objectively, externally and unobtrusively measure the cyber hygiene of any organization across numerous attributes and offer a score that changes moment to moment. Why would you want to wait for the FBI to call your Chief Information Security Officer to inform you that a block of your customers' credit card numbers are trading a dark web exchange two months after you were breached when you can be notified of the event at the moment it occurs? 

Continuously monitor your organization's cyber hygiene score, and that of your vendors with access to your network, like you should your personal FICO score. We can keep you informed, and safe.