Data is the lifeblood of any organization; yet, it is rarely managed comprehensively as a critical asset. Data and other information assets are balkanized within lines of business and in functional areas across organizations, creating unnecessary risk and limiting the ability to realize value from them. These assets reside in data centers; in devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and thumb drives; in the cloud; on paper; and elsewhere. Very few organizations have taken the necessary step of empowering one, C-level executive to sustain a comprehensive information governance process, and there has been neither a more important time, nor a bigger opportunity, to do so.

Organizations throw a lot of money at technological solutions to safeguard their data, but somehow they still come up short. Of course you need firewalls, anti-virus software, and a host of appliances to keep bad things out and deal with them when they get in. However, you must cast aside the notion that technology alone is the answer. You need a comprehensive understanding of your data, and information governance programs complement technology with necessary people and processes. 

We get involved at the direction of the Board or a C-level executive to create a comprehensive program for sustained Information Governance within an organization. Formal engagements typically would include an assessment and analysis of:

  • the organization's strategies and tactics
  • the data estate, encompassing all functional areas, lines of business, and repositories, such as data centers, client devices, cloud hosts and paper records
  • the relative value of the data assets
  • how the organization protects these assets, with recommendations for improved cybersecurity
  • how the organization monetizes these assets, with recommendations for improved value creation
  • the organizational behavior and ability to sustain a successful IG program

It is not uncommon for engagements to follow different trajectories based on the organization's condition and ambitions. We understand the natural governance conflicts that can reside within organizations, and are adept at surfacing and addressing them. Our work will reduce the risk and increase the value of your organization's data.